Masculine energy versus feminine energy

Image: Maarten Huisman Photography

Masculine energy and feminine energy

I have been reading about this for years, learning from people who have knowledge of this…

Masculine energy is that of giving, action, leading, penetrating (life). Where feminine energy stands for receiving, surrender and softness. It is logical that women contain more feminine energy and men have more masculine energy and that this is in balance for everyone.

What about me? And what is my standard energy, what is the balance for me?

For the past few years I’ve been playing with this. I come from a part of my life in which I have lived very much in my masculine energy. Studying, working, especially doing a lot. 6 years ago I ‘had’ to do practically everything alone with 2 children and then still work, household etc. etc. Day in and day out, care, care, action and keep going. Energy that is mainly male in nature.

How can it be that I kept this up? By occasionally being allowed to sink into my feminine energy. I did this by going to my parents, letting the loving energy come to me, accepting help with my sweet children, cooking food for me and resting. I really needed that, rest, surrender, receiving. I also danced and moved as my body asked.

I can now say that in recent years I have more my own masculine and feminine energy in balance. Okay okay,….. just having a child puts things a bit crooked (literally), but I quickly recognize when I go into the do-mode too much, giving it. Then I ask for help, from Maarten, from the children themselves, then I rest, then I let myself be taken care of where possible.

What a great game this life is! A fat fat 8 for this game… nice features, nice structures and players in my game. And I play on, sometimes dancing, sometimes resting and sometimes banging hard …… poofffffffff

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