Lomi Lomi Massage
Get to know one of the oldest and healing forms of bodywork. Lomi Lomi is the ceremonial and spiritual massage from Hawaii that aims to help awaken the soul.

What is Lomi Lomi?

The Hawaiian bodywork or LomiLomi reflects the ancient spiritual connection that the authentic Polynesian people have had since the beginning of time with their ancestors, the land and the breath of life Aloha.
The Lomilomi massage creates a connection from heart to heart. The depth of this work speaks through the healing touch. Physical strain, pent-up emotions, deeply felt transitions in life, or limiting beliefs and feelings can block the flow of energy, which is often reflected as muscle tension at different levels in the body. Lomi Lomi helps to let go of the blockages and at the same time gives the energy a new direction towards a greater sense of wholeness, relaxation and liberation.
LomiLomi is not just a physical experience; it also facilitates recovery on mental, emotional and spiritual being.
Lomi Lomi is working with Aloha (breath of life) and the HA breath and Mana (spirit energy)

Maarten and his connection with Aloha

From the age of 15 I am an avid surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer… I used the greeting “Aloha” frequently for years. When I visited Maui myself, I learned that Aloha was more than a greeting. Not translatable, but a kind of “heart to heart”. A deeper connection.
And with training as a gym teacher, it was also clear from the beginning of Miracle Life that bodywork would somehow be added. Because trauma and blockages are not only energetically trapped in the body, but are stored in the muscles and organs. So a wonderful way to work on this is deep bodywork.
And when I underwent a Lomi Lomi massage myself in 2019, from a beautiful masseur with a strong source connection, I immediately knew that I would one day do something with this. Bodywork with connection to source, which makes the soul free. A magical combination if you ask me.
In September I follow the training and from September 25 it is possible to book a wonderful and transformative Lomi Lomi massage at Miracle Life.

Do you want to enjoy and work in depth?

With Lomi Lomi you can combine both! Loosening and transforming blockages has never been so relaxing!