Are you ready to discover who you really are?

It’s no coincidence that you found Miracle Life. It’s really time! Time for that breakthrough. So that you feel at home in your body again, so that your energy flows again, so that you can finally be who you always were. Which makes your soul mission clear. Because deep down you know
long since you have so much more to give. That the world can be so much more loving and that you come to contribute to that. Deep down, you’ve known that for a long time.

At Miracle Life we help you to clear your blockages, put dark parts in the light, clean up family karma, come home to yourself and with a nice flowing energy system. We help you on the way back to your essence. To who you really are.


The world in which we life is absolutely magical and our experience here on earth is incredible!

… only many have forgotten the contact with themselves, nature and the source. Whoever restores the connection with himself, can live more from his / her heart and also experience the miracle of life again. Have you had the feeling for a while that things do not flow, that you get stuck in work, relationship, life in general, that certain lingering aches and pains do not go away?

Regular health care often looks for physical, emotional or mental problems. But what may lie beneath is often not discussed. At Miracle Life we look for blockages in your energy and for possible spiritual reasons, so that you do not get into flow.
By connecting with your higher self, we can request information about blockages that you may have received from ancestors, any dark energy present, blocked energy flow in the body, chakras that do not run smoothly, etheric bodies that are not aligned, stuck trauma… everything that you find higher self, that it may be seen and healed.

Then we get to work to tackle everything we come across. With the help of dragons and other light beings, magnetizing, visualizations and emotional release techniques, regressions and multidimensional travel, we go to work together with peace and attention.

Where can we help you want to help?

Our field of work is so diverse that we can safely say that anyone who is open to it can benefit from our energy work. A personal approach, parents with a request for help for their child, couples who can use help in their relationship… really everything comes to us.

In the regular circuit, many do not get any structurally further, because emotional, mental or physical pieces are looked at. But rarely is it looked at whether those recurring challenges do not have an underlying energetic / spiritual cause.

Do you experience
• physical complaints that make you uncomfortable in your body?
• mental obstacles in the form of recurring thought patterns or worrying thoughts? Are you thinking about yourself?
• emotional challenges that block or inhibit your development? Do you find it difficult to express emotions or do you linger in sadness or fear? Linked to a conscious trauma, or inexplicable in this life?
• low energy or does it rush through your body? Are you blocked on certain levels, or hypersensitive? Do you have trouble protecting yourself in groups, with certain people in specific places?
• also that there is so much more than what our senses perceive? Have you had pleasant or anxious experiences that you don’t know what to do with now? Or have you felt for a long time that you are not at home on earth?
This is just a selection of the topics that we could work on in a private session.

In a private session you can come up with your own request for help and we let us be guided by what your higher self wants to show and heal. In our events and workshops we work in groups with specific themes. We also have workshops specifically aimed at women and men.

If you want to learn more about these topics yourself and thus transform your life, sign up for one of our training courses (we are working on).

Do you experience
• that you feel lonely in your relationship? That you live alongside each other with both your own friends and do you no longer do fun things together, because of busyness at work, hobbies or children?
• a disruption in communication or the lack of actually talking to each other, so that you no longer understand each other and no longer find each other? Do you have more fights and the accusations linger?
• no more fire in the relationship, boring sex or is it minimally present? Do you feel like you’re not getting the most out of the relationship in terms of passion and living your own sexual potential? Do you want your fire to be fanned, do you dare to express your desires?
• that you miss your buddy, your friend? Those long cuddles that you had together in the beginning, the tendency to share everything with each other, to ‘just’ be present together, together?
• that you don’t trust your partner (anymore)? Are there things that go unspoken? Is there pain in you or are you struggling with guilt and would you like to get rid of it?

This is a selection of the topics that we will work on if we can help you as a couple.

In a private session where you come with your partner, we work with your request for help. We will bring you closer together through honest communication, emotional cleansing and new ways of connecting.

In addition to the private sessions, we also provide events and workshops for couples who want to enter into this process of connecting and reconnecting with each other together.

And this year we have room for a few specially tailored trajectories. Here we will look at what you need individually and as a couple, to make a transformation in yourself and your relationship. If you feel a “YES” if you are reading this, make an appointment here for a no-obligation intake interview.

Here you will find more detailed information about what we can do for you as a couple.

At Miracle Life we are there for you as a parent of a highly sensitive child, from baby to adolescent. Do you experience:
• that your child may see, feel, know or hear more than our 5 worldly senses can perceive? Is your child spiritual, imaginative and profound? Does it sometimes make statements that do not fit his / her age at all and you do not know how to deal with that?
• that it is anxious in combination with certain places or that it often plays with a too lifelike “imaginary friend”?
• that your child has physical, emotional, or spiritual challenges that you can’t understand or find solutions to? That your child is struggling with all the energies he feels around him? Does it easily pick up on other people’s feelings?
• that your child finds imposed frameworks and structures complicated? That it opposes having to do things that it doesn’t see the point of?
• that your child is inexplicably anxious, angry or sad? Sudden violent behavioral or mood swings (as if the child is being taken over), suddenly becomes unreachable?
• that, despite your loving upbringing, you can’t give the real connection your child needs, can you? Or that it lacks the energetic protection to sleep peacefully, to feel safe?

In this day and age, highly sensitive children flock to earth. Maybe you’ve heard of starseeds, indigo children, crystal children or new age children. These are children who are said to come to earth to help create a more beautiful world. These are very highly sensitive children who see, hear, feel more from birth and join us from a high dimension.

Without awareness of this and frequent connection, they can struggle with homesickness for their origin and not understand the world around them. It is then extra important that the parents can connect with the child, both in experience, recognition, and energy. We can help.
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We are Chantal and Maarten

Both until recently just sober Dutchmen, both trained as gym teachers and a love for snow and water sports. Chantal has been working for years in various coaching roles and Maarten as a photographer and trainer. We have both gone through deep and painful processes in recent years.

These life lessons have been at the basis of our personal growth as human beings. Slowly but surely we have more and more consciously chosen a spiritual path and questioned ourselves and our reality. A years-long search by Maarten in different worldviews and spiritual currents, eventually came together with very clear seeing and feeling of Chantal, so that puzzle pieces started to fall into place more and more and we could find and confirm each other in our experiences, insights and gifts. The development of our insights and gifts has recently gained such momentum that we have no choice but to live and propagate our mission. At Miracle Life you will find ordinary people who, with their feet on earth and their heads in the clouds, will lovingly help you in your search for healing, self-love, your mission and yourself.


Are you ready for a real transformation?

You are the change you are looking for! For yourself, in your family, in your work, in your position in life. That does not mean that everything becomes easier, but it does mean that you can live more intuitively and in alignment with yourself. Do you want to know what we can do for you? Send us a message via messenger or one of our phone numbers and we’ll get back to you.