Etheric Body & Soul Alignment – English

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Is it hard for you to stay in your body, while processing emotions or do you easily get lost in thought loops? Are you a High Sensitive Person or do you suffer from a lack of focus?

This program is a superstrong foundation for all self development and spiritual work. Because when your consciousness is anchored in your body, your awareness and presence are activated. And you will be able to be with all your sensations more easily.

We believe that everyone is High Sensitive. And there are three options to deal with that:

  • Your consciousness (etheric bodies) are outside your body, and since you are not “at home” you close all doors and windows, so no-one can get in or out. You are disconnected, not emotionally or energetically available. People can not really reach you, and it’s hard for you to be in a real connection with others.

  • Your consciousness (etheric bodies) are outside your body, and you are not “at home” and leave all doors and windows open. Everyone can come in and steal what they want (your energy) and leave whatever they want (their energetic trash). You experience being a High Sensitive Person because there is no ‘bouncer’ protecting your house.

  • You are present in your body and when you are “at home”, you can decide what energies are welcomed in and who has to stay outside.

In this program we offer a series of beautiful meditations and activations, to communicate with your etheric bodies and your soul, to repair possible damage and to gently help them to re-align and anchor into your physical body. Your consciousness will literally come home to your human earth suit.

After the energetic body is perfectly aligned and the chakra’s, your aura and thoric field are exactly where they should be, the extended chakra system will be activated. With your Earth Star Chakra and Stellar Gateway opened and active, we will guide you, in a powerful activation, to make a deeper connection into Mother Earth and Source. And when your body is a conductor to connect heaven and earth, the love that you can emanate is endless.

This is just a beginning, because once you’ve experienced the incredible and beautiful being that your really are, a whole new world can open up.

What I will learn?

  • We will help you to incarnate deeper in your body
  • You will be able to be more in the now
  • You will be more in charge of your sensitivity and to recognize serving and draining energy
  • Your mind will become clearer and more focussed
  • You will learn to be super centered in meditation
  • You learn to recognize better, when you dissociate
  • You will be able to use your body as a compass more easily
  • You will be able to tap in into your intuition more easily
  • You will learn what your basic setting of your 6th sense is
  • You will be able to connect deeper into Mother Earth and Source
  • You will learn how to re-align and re-center superfast
  • You will experience the magnitude of your field of love
  • You will experience being an strong and stable beacon of light
  • You will probably feel stronger what your purpose in life is

Course Curriculum

Etheric Body & Soul Alignment + Pillars of Light Activation

This program consists of

  • Total of 9 videos with 1,5 hour of material
  • 2 downloadable audio files
  • 4 beautiful alignments
  • 2 powerful activations
  • 2 superfast activations
 69,00 inc. BTW
Enrollment validity: Lifetime

Target Audience

  • This program is for everyone who wants to feel more aligned with his/her purpose, power, life-force and love
  • This is a great help for High Sensitive Persons
  • This is a great help for ADHD people
  • This is a great help for everyone who tends to loose him/herself in thoughts or negative thought patterns


  • You don't need any experience. We will take you along on your journey
  • Being open minden about that there is more than our visible reality

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