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A real woman

“You are a real woman” I heard from a man yesterday. He explained that he experiences many women who want to be “saved” and where the man is the savior in many cases. A real woman is therefore someone who can handle herself, a woman who knows her shadow and her light, a woman who …

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Masculine energy versus feminine energy

Masculine energy and feminine energy I have been reading about this for years, learning from people who have knowledge of this… Masculine energy is that of giving, action, leading, penetrating (life). Where feminine energy stands for receiving, surrender and softness. It is logical that women contain more feminine energy and men have more masculine energy …

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Being a woman

Being a woman; what a different image I had there in the past than now. I used to find being a woman complicated; hormones, being ‘on your period’, performing slightly less than men in sports. Also pursue social expectations; be attractive to others, eyelashes, nails etc. Now I have gotten a completely different picture in …

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